System for the prophylaxis and treatment of people with diabetes

The problem of diabetes in the world concerns now about 415 million people. This means that 1 adult person in 11 is struggling with this disease. It is estimated that by 2040 the number of patients will increase to 642 million. This problem grows into a huge challenge for our civilization. Innovation Enterprise IMPULS has developed THE COMPREHENSIVE SYSTEM OF PROPHYLAXIS & TREATMENT OF PEOPLE WITH DIABETES AND RELATED COMPLICATIONS, which meets the mentioned challenge and proposes a complex way to prevent disease and also rehabilitate people that are already affected by diabetes.

We offer the comprehensive approach to diabetes and its complications including:

– the device for gaseous ozone bathing;
– the device for dissolved ozone bathing;
– foot disinfection device FOOTSTER;
– hygienic and surgical disinfection liquid for hands HANDSTERIL;
– capillary dialyzer rejuvenator DIALISTER FUTURA II;
– liquid for capillary dialyzer rejuvenator STERIDIAL FORTE;
– the examination of the veins’ condition as the personalized approach to the diseases of the blood system;
– the dressing for the treatment of chronic leg ulcers;
– dietary supplements for diabetics;
– alkaline dragees for diabetics;
– cosmetics for diabetics;
– household cleaners for diabetics;
– singlet oxygen therapy device WIT-S;
– magnetic-laser therapy device WIT-MT;
– ozone therapy device WIT-01;
– multivariate chamber for the treatment of the diabetic foot and other hard-to-heal wounds.

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